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Shadow of the Piper
 by L. P. Hoffman

The Pied Piper still plays his tune, 
and in his shadow, many fall.

$14.95 MSRP
When a disturbed teenager arrives at the Pittsburgh Rescue Mission, Cali turns things upside down by claiming to know “secrets” about a young evangelist’s shadowy past. The deranged girl lures Jesse Berry across the country only to slip away after they reach their destination. Hamlin, Montana, is not the quaint mining town it appears to be. Something sinister moves below the surface—the youth are at risk—and someone there wants Jesse dead. 

"A few years back I was doing a book signing at a local book store. It was that day that I learned about a horrific quadruple murder that shocked my community. As the details emerged about the murderer’s involvement in the occult, I was reminded that these activities are perpetuated by a culture of secrets. It is my heart’s desire to reach those lured into this lifestyle. Why? Because I was once one of them and I know the collateral damage it can cause."

    Winner of Foreward Reviews 2013 IndieFab Book of the Year Award for Adult Fiction--Religious
    • Finalist in the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Contest for two categories — General Fiction/Novel (under 80,000 words) and Second Novel

    What Readers Are Saying
    “The allure of a the Piper's tune is often too good to be true. ‘Shadow of the Piper’ is a novel about a troubled teenager trying to find her way, only she gains the attention of those who don't have the best intents for her. Coming to the town of Hamlin, Montana, the well known legend of the Pied Piper is twisted for a new day. ‘Shadow of the Piper’ is an enticing addition to any contemporary fiction collection.”
    --Midwest Book Review, April 2013, Small Press Bookwatch

    “L. P. Hoffman's SHADOW OF THE PIPER opens a window into a dark and sinister world that many would rather not see. The warning is clear: those who step into the shadowy world of evil must ultimately pay the Piper.”
    --Marge Swayne, Farmville Herald

     “SHADOW OF THE PIPER by L.P. Hoffman is a thought-provoking story that readers who are interested in the deeper meaning of life will want to explore, all the while becoming engrossed in a compelling and unique story. I like the cover of this book. The piper makes sense in light of the title and his yellow and red garb are striking against the black background. Interesting that he looks sad and remorseful. Also interesting that the children aren't evident until the reader turns to the back cover. Clever! The back cover copy also lets the reader know about the story in a succinct way. Nice. I really enjoyed reading the story, and the provocative discussions and ideas presented in the story made me think. Even better, they are organic to the story so they work well. I believe a person looking for fiction that goes beyond a light read, but is philosophical yet compelling, will enjoy this book. I also really appreciate the ending. I was interested enough in this book and this particular author to visit her web site. So glad this author has more than one book available. I believe this author is talented and will continue to find a readership. Keep up the good work!”
    --Writer’s Digest Self-Published Competition, Judge’s Commentary

    “This was one of the better books reviewed. The author is more advanced than many and has a lot of what appears to be natural ability going for her. She opened with dramatic scenes and fascinating characters that instantly drew the reader into the storyline and kept them turning pages, which is a huge step in the right direction and no easy feat. Her writing was very strong, and improved as the story progressed. This book was a contender, and one fervently hopes the author will continue to grow as a novelist.”
    --Writer’s Digest Self-Published Competition, Judge’s Commentary


    “You have hit another one out of the park. I am personally going to recommend it to my school

    librarian as well as some ‘lost’ youth.”

    --Susie Gregory


    “Loved ‘Shadow of the Piper.’ Thanks for your most insightful book. It kept me wanting to stay up to read it. Of course, I did not because I had to go to work the next day but read it quickly. Started on it Sunday afternoon and finished it today after work.”
    --Ardeania Ward

    “Very engaging book that pulls you in well. Gives a good picture of what redemption is and the depths of evil.”
    --Javajeb on Goodreads

    “A plot with many characters and different stories made for a gripping read that came full circle within the last 5 pages. Since I enjoy mystery books I thoroughly enjoyed piecing this story together and I could not wait for the bad guy/guys to get caught. I would have liked the author, L.P. Hoffman, to give a little more history about a character named Cali and how she became involved as well as a little more on the Piper's Guild. I was also surprised how often she mentioned God but it fit in well with the different stories and made me interested in learning more. Overall a very enjoyable adventure mystery that had my heart racing and was hard to put down. Also this was my first signed book that I won via "First Reads" and I would recommend to anyone who likes a good mystery.”
    --Lexie on Goodreads

    “A story that will keep your interest from start to finish! A young man working with the homeless in Pittsburgh is suddenly confronted by a mysterious teenager who seems to know something about his past. That's more than he can claim since he knows nothing about what happened to him before he was 5. As Jesse sets off on a mysterious journey to Hamlin, Montana with this unknown girl, it becomes clear everything is not as it should be in Hamlin and there is deep evil under the surface. The more characters we meet, the more the sense of impending disaster builds until you compelled to turn the page. This was very reminiscent of Frank Peretti's books. An author with a clear Christian worldview but not afraid to tackle evil and unpleasant situations in a realistic manner. The dialogue feels realistic, the characters' reactions and emotions feel realistic, the setting feels realistic. Some plot points are definitely telegraphed early but it didn't affect my enjoyment of the book. This is a clear good vs. evil story.”
    --Randee on Goodreads

    “Maybe it was the title that had me from the get-go, or maybe its that my family is from a small Texas town called Hamlin. Even the High Schools' motto is the Pied Piper's of Hamlin.
    Anyway, this book had me from the beginning, and only got better as I got further into the story. It kept me literally on the edge of my seat, and I prayed right along with the street evangelists or when struggles appeared. It was fantastic and sucks you right in. Its nice to see that the good guys win!”
    --Dana on Goodreads

    “From the first page, you are immediately invested into this story. There are difficult parts to read, but the author does not go into graphic detail and lets your imagination run with the scant details (which I love). The story begins with a young child being chased on the streets of Pittsburgh where he is rescued by a woman with a heart of gold. She takes him in and raises him without notifying authorities. 20 years later, a disturbed girl befriends the now-grown boy and convinces him to take a road trip across the country ... to where he is from. I genuinely felt emotion toward the characters, either they were adored or despised. You will root for some and hope for demise for others. A very good read! Definitely worth buying and sharing with your friends.”
    --Juanita on Goodreads

    “Shadow of the Piper is the story of a boy who is found roaming alone without any memory as to who he is. He is taken in by the woman who finds him. All is well until one day a teenage girl appears who claims to know something about his past. He travels with the girl back to Montana in the hope of finding out about his past. Of course, nothing is as easy as it seems and the trouble begins. I won't say much more than that as I do not want to spoil the story. The characters were well developed and made me want to find out what was going to happen next in their lives. The story line has multiple twists and unexpected turns that keeps the reader guessing as to what will happen next.”
    --Sarah on Goodreads

    “I won this book on Goodreads Giveaway. It was an excellent read! Good developement of identifiable characters with some twists. A escalating plot with an power house ending! A real page turner! Thank You Goodreads and L.P. Hoffman!”
    --Loni on Goodreads

    “I won this book from the author through GoodReads, first-reads. Thank you so much.
    Something really grabbed me about this book, though it has an eye catching cover, it was more than that. I kept going back to it 3 or 4 times before I entered to win, now I know why. This story really depicts what is happening throughout the world since the beginning of time. The battle that continues between good and evil. This is an exciting, well written, totally engaging, suspenseful, character driven, page turner. Great Job! Highly Recommend.”
    --Esther on Goodreads

    “Won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. Was not sure what it was about. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a good suspense novel with an interesting plot about a young boy with a mysterious past who is lured to the town of Hamlin by a sullen, half-crazed, angry, teenager named Cali.
    There is an aura of evil surrounding the town, but Jesse luckily meets two like-mined God-fearing individuals who stand by him to help hi through his Cali troubles. A little confusing in some areas and a few loose ends left dangling, but all in all I enjoyed the book. It was a really fast read.”
    --Janice on Goodreads